How to get Paycoin

Receive PCI with rewards in Paycoin Shopping, Paycoin Gift, and Paycoin Games

Users can receive PCI as reward when purchasing in Paycoin Shopping
and Paycoin Gift, or playing games in Paycoin Games

* Features can be found on the latest version of the app.

* Size of the rewards will depend on each product and feature.

* Game rewards are limited to 5 times per day.

* This service is only available in Korea.

Buy PCI at an Exchange

PCI is listed on Huobi Global, OKX, Bitget, GDAC, Beeblock, PROBIT.
User can purchase PCI at each exchange, and transfer it to the Paycoin app.

* Trading methods may differ depending on each exchange.

* Please refer to each exchange for trading, withdrawal and deposit methods.

Convert Bitcoin to Paycoin

Paycoin app supports converting BTC to PCI

* You need to create a BTC wallet on the Paycoin APP.

* You can only deposit BTC in the Bitcoin wallet.

* Deposit is automatically processed, and depending on the network status, it may take time to show up in the balance.

* The Bitcoin wallet can only be used for deposits.

Paycoin Free Charging Station
– Earn PCI by completing Ads missions

You can earn PCI rewards by participating
and completing various advertising missions.

* Features can be found on the latest version of the app.

* Amount of PCI rewards depends on each advertising missions.

* Please refer to the ‘How to participate in each advertisement’ and ‘Payment Terms.’