Virtual assets that have often been considered
as investment vehicles only is now penetrating our daily life.

Paycoin is establishing a coin-friendly
across every sectors,
from shopping, travel to education and much more.

By connecting all the economic networks with virtual assets.
Paycoin reimagines and embodies new values with innovation.


Beyond Korea into the Globe!
Started with payment, Paycoin is constantly expanding
its business sectors
to lifestyle, e-commerce, and crypto bank.

We create simple lifestyles that can be enjoyed
with Paycoin anywhere and anytime in the world.

We will establish a new global payment network
that is not subordinated to the existing payment networks.

Furthermore, we are preparing for new user experiences
in the upcoming metaverse.

We make a new world that manages assets
by connecting metaverse to metaverse, and metaverse to reality.


Our brand logo takes over Wing, which is inspired
by the logo of our parent company, Danal.

It symbolizes Danal Fintech's vision, to fly higher
and further toward the future of innovation.
It is created and reinterpreted in a modern design
that is suitable for the IT industry.

As a representation of Paycoin, it reflects our vision toward
the world where passion and dreams are connected.